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Mentorship Batch

Zillions of things to cover, plethora of books and notes on the table. This is ideally how the overall picture of an aspirant appears. What, where, how, when, why, surmounted with all possible curiosity an aspirant barge in the field of preparation. To answer such queries and to handhold aspirants, so that they don’t get entrapped in the myriad of books, notes and timetables, we at IAS Mentor’s have come up with Curiosity Program. 

A full- fledged and one stop solution to all the curious aspirants out there. Let’s quickly chronicle through the modules included in the program. 

1. Basis- Building fundamentals by quickly finishing the basic books. This will take around 30-40 days. 

2. Answer Writing- Consisting of two phases, the module aims to sharpen your pen for Mains stage. First, stepping up the ladder by helping you write what you are supposed to write in your answers. Second, by reflecting on the core demands you’ll be taught in intensive manner to enhance your caliber of writing answers. Also, the marks fetching pillar of Essay writing will be included in this stage. 

3. Transition to Prelims- Strengthened with the tools of Mains, January onwards we will help you smoothly transit towards Prelims preparation. Here we will proceed by sailing through the common topics in the initial days. Moving on to February our full focus will get streamlined to Prelims stage. Covering all the milestones set in our way, at this junction we’ll come out stronger and better prepared for the exam.


What is there as Component of Mentorship?

  • IAS mentor’s circle team has successfully run 8 pre- cum mains mentorship batches in last 2 years.
  • In whole year process, one needs to be mindful of the situation, when you need to study in pre mode, when you need to write answers? the smooth transition is the area where mentor will chip in with his/her accurate planning. 
  • Before every target, our mentors will take session on how to approach the subject. 
  • Before answer writing task, Mentor’s will take handholding sessions where he will teach art of answer writing through his session. 
  • Live answer evaluation is the key of batch, where you will learn how answer is evaluated.
  • Considering the role of CSAT, Hemal ma’am with her previous experience as a CSAT mentor will guide students for CSAT from the starting point. 
  • One-One mentor support. 
  • Mentor will be academically oriented and psychologically engaged with their mentee. 
  • Session on essay writing. 
  • Mentor will be academically oriented and psychologically engaged with their mentee



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What extra with Curiosity Batch?

  • All the other courses of this financial year at IAS Mentor’s Circle will have 50% discount for curiosity batch student. 
  • Free Access to Mains Essay sessions. 
  • How to cover the resources available in market in best possible way and cover basics books in most retainable way will be taught through mentorship sessions.

Feedback Time

Sharing some of many feedback that mentor received after the course.

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